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Partnerships Re-Envisioned: Setting all students up for success!

Empower. Support. Inspire. Lead

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Grow your School!

What Administrators want:

  • Successful systems that support school growth

  • Affordable PD/refreshers that are consistent ongoing, systematic, deliberate, targeted and relevant 

  • Empowered teachers who feel supported and inspire their students

  • Innovative teachers who seek, value, and apply life-long learning experiences 

  • Teachers who stay because they are supported

What educators want:

  • Additional time to build and maintain solid relationships with students

  • Differentiated lesson plans to better meet the needs of students

  • Shorter, intentional, ongoing PDs that are immediately relevant and support school systems

  • Enhanced student choice, agency, and ownership over learning experiences

  • Culturally inclusive curriculum and approaches to teaching

Our Solution:  A virtual co-teacher!

  • Digital and printable scripted CCSS aligned, culturally inclusive, differentiated (CYOA) Choose Your Own Adventure lesson plans (49 weeks of instruction).

  • Digital and printable workbooks for individualized student learning pathway choices (three per week instructional week).

  • Access to asynchronous LCI4 (Learning Communities that Inspire Innovation to Increase Implementation) professional development and refreshers with certificates of completion.

  • Digital and printable MTSS documentation templates and self-reflection tools. 

  • Opportunities to collaborate

  • Mentorship

Why Connected Planet Learning?

  • Overwhelmed teachers are not able to meet the needs of ALL their students

  • Collaborating teachers gain vision and enthusiasm

  • Under-supported teachers feel alone and isolated.

  • Communicating teachers support student growth and achievement

  • Empowered teachers, empower their students

  • Inspired teachers build student confidence

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