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About Naomi

Hello. It am so excited to meet  you!

My name is Naomi Banta. Currently I work as an online reading interventionist. 
In the past, I  lived in different countries (The Democratic Republic of Congo, Denmark, Japan, El Salvador, Italy, Belgium, South Africa and the USA) and homeschooled my own four children through high school. 

I have worked both in private and public brick and mortar schools and online schools as a Special Education teacher, ESL teacher, tutor and Intervention Specialist.

Welcome to Connected Planet Learning!

"Who dares teach, must never cease to learn"

- John cotton Dana

I founded Connected Planet Learning with several purposes in mind: 

  • I am a firm believer in equal access to quality education as a human right and as a means to bringing about lasting, positive change in the world. 

  • Quality education must prepare ALL students for success.


  • Quality education must take the whole child into account.  It must not only be crafted to serve students with various backgrounds, interests, strengths and struggles, but must also be culturally inclusive and promote a commitment to global citizenship and environmental responsibility.

  • Quality education must  engage students in exploring their own curiosities and the joy of lifelong learning.  Connected Planet Learning attempts to accomplish this by empowering students through voice and choice in what they learn.   

  • Quality education must support  teachers and Learning Partners through  purposeful, deliberate and ongoing professional learning and trainings,  so they have more time to focus on building meaningful and supportive relationships with students. 


With these purposes in mind, all CPL curriculum, lesson plans and resources are created with student empowerment and voice in mind. Lessons are inclusive and promote environmental and community responsibility as well as global citizenship.  They are also intended to encourage and support you as a Learning Partner or teacher while you tirelessly and enthusiastically work with each child to make this world a better place.

Thank you for partnering with me!

Note: Our current and most immediate focus is on (P-K), (K-1), (1-2) and (2-3) curriculums where we can emphasize and build foundational academic vocabulary, reading, numeracy and critical thinking skills. Full P-K curriculums will launch in spring 2023.

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