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  • What makes Connected Planet Learning educational resources and curriculum different than others?
    Our curriculum and resources are unique in that they are not only skill-based, differentiated, inclusive, environmentally sound, globally aware, CCSS aligned, and created by certified teachers, they are also created in a CYOA (choose Your Own adventure) format so that students can learn skills and access standards via individualized learning pathways.   Each week students are provided with three learning pathway (topic) choices through which they will learn that week’s skills. Lesson plans provide guidance on how to teach via these pathways and workbooks provide materials tailored to each learning pathway. 
  • What is the difference between the Climate-friendly and Printable homeschool resources?
    Climate friendly lesson plans and resources are created so that the learning partner and student have digital l references materials and workbooks, but the activities and assignments can be completed without printing anything, thus reducing the need to have printer, paper, and ink to learn.  Note that the option to print is always available should you decide you need a specific activity printed.
  • Why are letter/word/number flashcards round?
    Apart from just being fun, there is some scientific evidence to show that we retain/learn information better when round flashcards are used.  Additionally, the different colors (green and blue) are associated with calm and are said to stimulate the language/math science parts of our brains. 
  • What grade levels can I find resources for here?
    While we are creating educational resources/full curriculum for grade K-6, our current focus is the P-K resources and curriculum. Once completed they will contain 49 weeks of differentiated instruction (more than the typical school year of 36 weeks). Curriculum and resources will be added as they are created.  
  • What is the difference between a homeschool subscription and an educator subscription?
    Homeschool resources are intended for those who are schooling their children from home or want to supplement what is being learned in school to close any learning gaps.  Lesson plans and resources are created with the home environment in mind.   Educator resources are intended for educators and not only contain lesson plans and resources to support differentiation in the classroom, but also include access to MTSS documentation, professional development, and refresher materials. These are all created with the school environment in mind.
  • Is Connected Planet Learning Curriculum/lesson plans accredited?
    Due to the newness of our curriculum, it is not yet accredited.  However, we will seek accreditation once the minimum timelines for accreditation have been met. With that said, our curriculum/lesson plans align with CCSS (Common Core State Standards- USA) and are all created using research-based instructional practices from around the world. Finally, they are updated as new research and best practices change within the educational field.
  • What are Connected Planet Learning beliefs about education?
    Quality education is culturally and socially inclusive. Quality education is affordable.  Quality education includes direct instruction and teacher support. Quality education is individualized and supports student voice and choice in learning. Quality education engages students in their families & communities in tangible ways. Quality education helps support environmental and global awareness.  Quality education should build critical thinkers and problem solvers. Quality education are skill-based. Quality education is rigorous.  Quality education is accessible.
  • Why isn’t Connected Planet Learning listed as a non-profit organization in the USA?
    When making this decision, several factors were taken into consideration.  Below are the top three: With the large number of non-profit organizations that already exist, we did not want to create more competition for funding. We believe in our products and their ability to not only provide access to affordable quality educational materials but also in their ability to generate sufficient income through low cost paid options.   Through partnerships we can give back to the global community on a larger scale when we aren't limited by non-profit status.
  • I would love to use the Connected Planet Learning curriculum/resources in my home/school but am not able to afford the monthly subscription. Is there a subsidized option?
    We never want cost to be a barrier to supporting your student/s.  If you have come upon financial hardship or work in an underfunded public school, we have options. Please reach out by email to: for more information.  In the subject line please type: Subsidized subscription options.  This will help the email get to the right person.
  • I have an idea for a resource... can you create it?
    We are always excited about creating new resources that benefit and support students, Learning Partners, and Educators. If you would like to suggest a resource, please send us an email with your idea using our contact form.  Thank you in advance for sharing your brilliant ideas!
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