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Partnerships Re-Envisioned: Setting all students up for success!

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What Parents/Guardians/Learning Partners want:

  • Involvement: I want to be more involved in my student's learning 

  • Consistency:  I want my student's educational journey to be as rigorous and uninterrupted as possible 

  • Flexibility: I want to be able to school from anywhere in the world, around a schedule that works for my family.

  • Support: I want to provide a quality education for my student while supported by a certified teacher who has homeschooled.

  • Affordability: I want quality education for my student that is affordable  

What Students want:

  • Belonging: I want culturally inclusive curriculum that celebrates diversity and allows me to participate and share my story. 

  • Support: I want to be able to learn at my own pace while supported by my learning partner and a certified teacher. 

  • Skill-based: I want my growth to be measured by the skills I have acquired and not solely based on test scores. 

  • Community: I want my learning to incorporate community involvement, environmental responsibility, and global citizenship  

  • Interdisciplinary: I want to have a thorough, challenging, and meaningful and personalized learning experience.  

  • Choice: I want to have agency over and ownership of my own learning experiences. 

Our Solution:  CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure curriculum and learning partner resources!

  • Digital and printable scripted CCSS aligned, culturally inclusive, differentiated (CYOA) Choose Your Own Adventure lesson plans (49 weeks of instruction).

  • Digital and printable workbooks for individualized student learning pathway choices (three per week instructional week).

  • Opportunities to collaborate with other homeschoolers

  • Ongoing support from a certified teacher and homeschooler in creating strong homeschool systems 

  • Ideas and strategies on how to better support your students academically

  • Ideas and strategies on how to better support your students behaviorally

  • Skill-based evaluations

  • Flexible school schedule

  • Rigorous curriculum

  • Mentorship 

  • Documentation templates and self-reflections tools.

Why Connected Planet Learning Homeschool?

  • Overwhelmed learning partners are not able to meet the needs of ALL their students

  • Collaborating Learning Partners gain vision and enthusiasm

  • Under-supported Learning Partners feel alone and isolated.

  • Communicating Learning Partners support student growth and achievement

  • Empowered Learning Partners, empower their students

  • Inspired Learning Partners build student confidence

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