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I've Decided to Work from Home ...

Life's journey is ever changing, ever twisting, ever expanding.

For the last five years I have worked in a brick and mortar school teaching 6-8 grade intervention classes. During this time I've met some of my professional goals. Some by circumstance, some by determination, and some by seizing an opportunity that snowballed into multiple opportunities. I have struggled, planned, built, changed, challenged and worked on creating systems that better support struggling and gifted students while simultaneously providing resources for teachers.

Today, I've decided to take put in for an annual leave and explore the world of online education/teaching full time. There are several reasons for my choice. One most important reason is the desire to be home with my youngest son and help him get through high school. He has struggled with the transition from middle school to high school, and the best option seems to be homeschooling him. He is very excited about the idea, so that gives me a positive feeling about the homeschooling part.

The second reason is the desire to head into a "work from any where" position that allows for flexibility of movement as well as travel while still being able to maintain earning an income that is predictable. That for me will probably be the biggest adventure and adjustment I will have to make. I am currently working for VIPKID from home, and I have applied for several online teaching positions and contract positions. No news yet. But I feel that this is the right decision for this moment and while it may be seen as crazy by many it will allow me to explore other ways of earning an income while discovering what kind of work from home tolerance I have.

I'm super excited, slightly overwhelmed, a bit sad about leaving my colleagues, and all together distracted with all the roads I can travel ... what opportunities lie ahead? Which will I chose? Which will work for our family? Only time will tell :)

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