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I Got a Job !

Well, I finally heard back... YAY!

I've signed a contract to write science curriculum for Lernsys, an online homeschooling resource site. I've also signed a contract to participate on the upcoming Praxis Exam - Reading Specialist Committee. Finally, I've signed a contract tow work at CPA with the k12 group as an interventionist and online teacher for grade 4 and 5 :) I will continue teaching my student in China with VIPKID as I love my early morning cultural and linguistic interaction ! It's hard to believe I've been working at VIPKID for a year now ! Many of my students I have had for almost a year and their growth has been amazing to witness.

So... it is possible to change one's lifestyle and work completely from home. Now I just have to figure out how I am going to juggle all this with my family responsibilities.

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